Introduction of hot-dip galvanized highway guardrail beam

Highway guardrail is the main form of semi-steel guardrail. It is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail panels spliced with each other and supported by main columns. The vehicle has the function of absorbing energy when it collides, and it is not easy to be crashed, and at the same time it can play a good role in protecting the vehicle and the passengers.

The bending of highway guardrails increases the aesthetics and increases the strength of the fence. Both; automatic production line extrusion molding, the surface is clean and undamaged, with strong anti-corrosion; mature surface treatment; anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and anti-corrosion It has the characteristics of sunlight, high and low temperature resistance, and the service life can reach 10-25 years in the outdoor environment. The product structure is simple, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install, and has good anti-theft performance. It is less restricted by the actual terrain. The zone has strong adaptability and moderate cost, which is suitable for large-scale use.

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