What raw materials are the high-quality guardrail beam made of?

The  guardrail beam is a representative form of semi-rigid guardrail, which is a continuous structure with guardrails spliced to each other and supported by columns. It uses the deformation of the soil foundation, columns, and beams to absorb the collision energy, and forces the out-of-control vehicle to change direction and return to the normal direction of travel, preventing the vehicle from rushing out of the road, so as to maintain the safety of the vehicle and passengers and reduce the loss caused by traffic accidents .

The  guardrail beam uses S235JR low-carbon steel or S355JR manganese steel with relatively strong strength and toughness. It has good elasticity and has a strong ability to absorb collisions when it encounters collisions. process, re-hot-dip galvanizing to achieve the effect of improving the appearance of anti-corrosion design. The accessory bolts are made of S235JR or S355JR except for splicing bolts M16-35 which are made of No. 45 #steel.

After the corrugated guardrail is processed by hot-dip galvanizing process, it can be used for a longer time in the field environment, is resistant to aging, and can resist the corrosion of wind and rain. The service life can reach 15-30 years under normal conditions without external damage.

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